Alabama Real Estate Commission Contingency Plan for COVID-19
November 20, 2020

Regarding Commission Meeting:
The next Commission meeting is scheduled on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in Montgomery, Alabama. Visit the Open Meetings website at for meeting information.

Regarding PSI Test Sites For Salesperson And Broker Exams:
All PSI test sites are open. Due to needed spacing and separation, there is now a smaller number of examinees in each session. Exams can be scheduled by calling 888-818-5824 or visiting For more information on new test site requirements due to specific CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) directions, please select the following link:

Regarding Extended CE Deadline:
Due to the disruption in continuing education (CE) course offerings because of COVID-19, the deadline for completing the required CE to maintain an active real estate license for the 2021-2022 license renewal period has been extended to December 31, 2020. This extended deadline applies to any CE credit courses taken by licensees as well as the method by which the courses are taken. It applies to both classroom and distance education courses. Failure of active licensees to complete the 15-hour CE requirement by December 31, 2020, will result in renewed licenses being placed on inactive status as of January 1, 2021.

Regarding Virtual Education An Option During COVID-19 Pandemic:
The onslaught of COVID-19 and the necessity to maintain space and distance require a different approach for classroom course delivery. Therefore, the Commission has approved the offering of all approved classroom courses for delivery through virtual platforms such as Zoom, Webex and other similar apps that allow instructors to verify that each registered student is present and participating. While the Commission is not setting a limit on the number of students per class, instructors are expected to use good judgment to assure that course credit is being accurately awarded.

All approved courses, salesperson and broker prelicense, salesperson post license and all continuing education courses, can now be delivered through virtual platforms until June 30, 2021.

NOTE: The extended CE deadline has NOT changed-it remains December 31, 2020 for the 2021-2022 license renewal period.

This approval of virtual delivery for classroom courses does not affect the availability of existing distance education courses. Those will remain options. You can check for approved courses at

Your Commission is committed to ensuring your license education requirements are available and literally at your fingertips. This pandemic has placed real estate educators in a great dilemma and licensees at an even greater disadvantage. This initiative hopes to close that gap and guarantee the availability of required CE service as needed by you.

Regarding Fingerprint Sites for New Applicants:
Fingerprint sites may or may not be open. Those are beyond our control. However, our vendor, Gemalto, has assured us that they are instituting careful cleaning procedures and if sites must close, they will endeavor to open new ones. Consult their website at We advise temporary salesperson applicants, broker applicants, and reciprocal applicants who reside in Alabama to go ahead and send your completed application to the Commission office and then get your fingerprints when the site is open, and it is safe to do so.

Regarding Safer at Home Order:
The Honorable Kay Ivey, governor of Alabama, issued a Safer at Home Order which expires December 11, 2020.

Regarding Operations Of The Commission:
We want you to feel confident that the operations of the Commission will continue throughout this period. For the time being the office will be closed to licensees and the public. Licensees can leave any documents in the mail slot and speak to any team member by phone. As a result, we have enhanced some of our phone and internet procedures in the interest of our licensee and employee health and safety. Our team will remain accessible by phone and email. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates and notices.

Regarding Payments:
Please be aware that if a payment needs to be made to the Commission, it can be made electronically at


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Fake Realtors Final Notice Scam
Fake Realtors Final Notice Scam
Alabama real estate licensees should be aware of a current scam that may be targeting them. This scam is a fake bill which purports to be a final notice for membership dues to the Florida Board of Realtors in the amount of $225.00. The notice is enclosed in an envelope that appears to be from the Alabama Real Estate Commission. It also requests that the payment be sent to the Florida Board of Realtors in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Florida Association of Realtors has offices in Orlando and Tallahassee. If you receive any mail from the Alabama Real Estate Commission that appears suspicious, please call our offices at 334-242-5544 to verify the authenticity of the mail.
Disclosure of Relationships; Family Defined
Disclosure of Relationships; Family Defined
Another tutorial video on the Commission's YouTube channel at to watch. Informing and educating consumers and licensees - subscribe to our YouTube Channel now for future tutorial videos.
Failed Transaction Files, Who Needs Them?- You Do!
Failed Transaction Files, Who Needs Them?- You Do!
Watch this new tutorial video on the Commission's YouTube channel at Informing and educating consumers and licensees - subscribe to our YouTube Channel today for more tutorial videos.
Consumer Alert and Warning Regarding Timeshare Fraud
Consumer Alert and Warning Regarding Timeshare Fraud
The Alabama Real Estate Commission is issuing this fraud warning and alert because the following companies have been soliciting owners of timeshare units for the resale of those units. These companies are not located at the stated addresses and Alabama real estate licensees are being falsely identified as participating in these transactions. Any contact regarding the following companies should be reported to the Alabama Real Estate Commission at 334.242.5544. World Wide Solutions Co, 109 20th Street North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203 Phone 205-578-6116, 205-578-6726, Fax 205-536-9207, electronic mail, salesprogram@wwsolutionsco.comk,; website www.wwsolutionsco.comStrategic Asset Group, 1927 2nd Avenue, North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203, phone 205-209-4588, 205-994-2868, Fax 205-178-5337; website The Alabama Real Estate Commission is charged with the enforcement of Title 34, Chapter 27 of the Code of Alabama, 1975. Included in this title and chapter is the Alabama Real Estate Vacation Time-Sharing Sales Law found in Article 3. Article 3 requires licensure of individuals in Alabama who broker the sale or resale of vacation time-sharing ownership.
Empowering, Connecting & Educating with Video
Empowering, Connecting & Educating with Video
Watch the Commission's new Introduction: The Alabama Real Estate Commission video on our YouTube channel at It is the first of several videos that are being produced to inform and educate consumers and licensees. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel today for upcoming tutorial videos.


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LEVEL 1 for Risk Management

includes the Risk Management: Avoiding Violations course which is required for all licensees...both salespersons and brokers.

LEVEL 2 for Risk Management

includes the Risk Management for Salespersons course, the Risk Management for Brokers course, or an industry-specific Risk Management course approved by the Commission.