The enforcement jurisdiction of the Alabama Real Estate Commission extends over persons and companies who have an Alabama real estate license, and to those who practice real estate without being properly licensed. The Commission may only impose a fine, or suspend or revoke or reprimand of a real estate licensee. The Commission cannot order a licensee to pay over or refund money, nor can it construe any contract or agreement, or declare a breach of same, or require the carrying out of same, nor determine any legal questions in regard thereto. This must be done by the appropriate court of law. In cases where unlicensed activity is found the Commission may issue a cease and desist order and may impose fines.

Whenever a formal complaint is filed the Commission holds a formal hearing thereon. The place of the hearing is determined by the commission, and considers the convenience of any consumers involved as witnesses. At the hearing the Commission submits evidence in support of the allegations of violations of the License Law or a Commission Rule, and the accused party may present evidence and cross-examine the Commission's witnesses.

Any order entered by the Commission as a result of such a hearing is appealable to the circuit court of Alabama.